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Will I Ever Be Comfortable Making a Video?

I have recently been trying something new in my business… Facebook Live videos! This has been on my “to-do” list for months… maybe years, but for some reason I never made the time to do them. For many, the thought of doing a live video causes a panic attack!  I’m not one of those people. I don’t mind being on video or speaking live, as long as it is on a topic I am familiar with.  So why wouldn’t I fit these in??  What was I waiting for?

A few weeks ago, I decided to really look at what was holding me back. When I took a moment to sit down and evaluate what was going on… a TON of negative thoughts flooded my mind!  “What if no one watches?” “I don’t look good enough today” “What if I majorly screw up on LIVE FEED??” What if I am more boring that I think I am?” I know I have value and what I share is, at the very least, entertaining to me (he he!) So, what is the solution?

I thought… what would you tell your coaching clients? Well, I’d say feel the fear and do it anyway. So that is what I did. Last month I did my very 1st Facebook Live EVER!  I was in the parking lot outside where I was about to host the networking group I run. I just popped on from my car got it done and published it. I decided no one would see it so I didn’t review it. I had said on the video that I would be doing “a lot more of these… but 2 weeks passed, and I didn’t do another one. Hmmmm…

The 2nd video I did was a spur of the moment thing where in reality I just did it for me.  I was having a stressful week and needed to get some things off my chest. It was a bit of rambling with a good tip at the end. To my shock I had 164 people view that Live post!  What?? For me I thought that is amazing! Problem solved right? Wrong… I let another 2 and half weeks go by with no videos.  What gives?

The 3rd Video I forced myself to do. I am in the process of re-growing my business after a series of unfortunate events that took me away from nurturing the business I had grown. I need to move forward and step out of my comfort zone! So, I popped on and made some announcements of where I will be over the next few weeks, what is going on with the relaunch and what I plan to do… including more Live Videos! Yay me! I said I would be coming back later this week with a specific topic. My plan was to do it Wednesday… but guess what… I didn’t!

A 4th video was “due” as I promised so I again reminded myself that we are looking for progress NOT perfection. You see I have a bit of an issue with perfectionism. I am learning to live with, around, and through the perfectionism through my new-to-me meditation habit, but that is a story for another day. On with video 4! I sat at my desk to begin and the negative talk started instantly!  First, I realized the lipstick I put on was too dark for AM… but decided to push thought anyway. Then my computer crashed. I rebooted and pushed through again. The dog started barking, but I said… Progress Not Perfection! I took a deep breath and started the Live recording in hopes that I would be able to share my screen with something to look at while I shared the info. You guessed it… I couldn’t share my screen. The whole time I was thinking to myself… wow this probably sucks!  But I persisted! I continued and acknowledged as I went when I was feeling something off, laughed out loud at myself a few times and got through it. When it was all over I had a strong urge to just delete it. For some reason I didn’t. I decided to watch my video back. GASP! To my pleasant surprise, the video wasn’t bad! I got the information out that I wanted to in a clear and concise manner. Was it perfect? NO! But I came across as real and a person. Technology was not my friend, but it turned out ok! My lipstick was too dark, but I bet no one noticed and if they did who cares? I laughed out loud at myself and hope others got some joy in addition to the information I shared!

Later that morning I had a call with a good friend and colleague, Dr. Robert Zeitlin. I was telling him all about the “botched” Facebook Live and how I watched it back… and he said, “Wow, even million-dollar actors often don’t like to watch themselves on recordings?” So true!! We chatted a bit more about it and I realized that by playing it back and being brave enough to watch myself in an imperfect way, I was able to find peace with it. I am in a field where Know, Like and Trust are even more critical that most professions! My clients and potential clients need to know I am REAL, that I can feel the fear and do it anyway, just like I tell them to do! But more importantly, I realized that nothing is ever perfect. No matter how much we hope, pray and strive for perfection… in most cases it just isn’t. AND THAT’S OK! Now I can’t wait for Monday to do the next promised installment.

What do you do to psych yourself up to do something scary?

One Response to Will I Ever Be Comfortable Making a Video?

  • Love this post and I can totally relate as I just recently started doing more live video myself. I can teach clients how to do this, but it’s another thing to do it myself.
    You did the best thing you could have done…you committed to your audience. They will expect you to be there and in your heart you don’t want to let them down. Showing up as your real self let’s your audience see your human side, that’s more important than perfect any day.

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