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What’s the Difference??

Hello, Hello!  It has been a long time since you heard from me!  I am working on getting back to full swing after a difficult year following the death of my mother. I am excited for what is to come. I thought I would write this blog in response to a question that has been asked of me repeatedly.  It is about the DISC assessment. The question is… What is the difference between a free and a paid DISC assessment?

How do I Choose??

This is a great question, and if I am being truly honest… I
had to research this a bit myself. I thought I had the “only” official DISC
assessment through the company I work with. I know my cost and was curious as
to why I would lose bids for corporate contracts because someone came in lower.
I kept thinking, “How are they coming in lower? At this rate I am barely making
a few dollars per assessment!” So, over the past year I have been asking people
where they are getting the assessment, how much they paid (or if it was free)
and tried a few of the options given.

Here is what I found. Not all DISC assessments are created
equally (of course I already knew that!). But I did find that there are 3 major
companies that provide the Complete
assessments. You see, the “free” ones only scratch the surface of DISC. They
may give you your “Letter” – D, I, S, C, they may show you some celebrity comparisons…
but that’s pretty much it.

You deserve the Highest Quality!

The “complete” DISC assessments have been tested, tested
again, researched, adjusted and improved over years. These assessments will
give you a 23 to 49-page report! The report will share useful information that
you can implement to help grow both personally and professionally! Motivators, how
you respond to other behavior types, best communication with other behavior
type, what happens when you are stressed… the list goes on and on!

The other thing to consider when you choose a complete
report is… You get ME!!! I have worked with DISC for over 20 years. I have been
trained and certified to help YOU get the most out of your assessment. I can also
help coach you around obstacles, explain every part of the assessment and most
importantly… Help you USE and IMPLEMENT the information you receive! It makes a
huge difference!

I can help you!

So… Yes, You CAN get a free assessment or a “cheap”
assessment. But, if you want to really benefit from a DISC assessment, you need
comprehensive info that you can implement. Curious?? Set up a free 30-minute
discovery session to see if you want a Complete
DISC assessment!

Click here to schedule your free session!

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