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The 3 “E’s” of a Productive Work Space

I was sitting at my desk… the chair was broken and squeaking every time I moved, my pen was annoying me and I was just plain grumpy!  I had so much work to do but all I wanted to do was go take a nap.  Needless to say my productivity was suffering in that moment.  Sometimes our workspace affects our productivity… heck sometimes it is a productivity killer!  Now that we are getting into a new autumn routine it might be a great time to evaluate your work environment.  In working with my clients over the years I have come up with 3 things that effect productivity the most – Environment, Equipment and Emotions.


Environment:  Take a look around… what is distracting?  Is it a squeaky chair?  Is it clutter? Is it too hot or cold? It is too light or dark? Are your kids interrupting you? The list could go on and on.  The environment you work in can make a huge difference in your productivity.  Take a minute now to look around… what is distracting you?  Find it, Fix it and see if that helps your motivation level.  I recently decided to change the décor on the top of my desk as well as purchase a room dividing screen.  The screen give me an additional level of privacy and blocks my view to the rest of the house.  The top of my desk went from a view of the router and paperwork and dust… to motivational painting, sculptures that mean something to me and pretty things to look at that bring me joy!  I am now super excited to head to my desk to work!  I feel like it’s a grown up and efficient space now!  Oh and I also bought a new desk chair… no more squeaking and memory foam seat!  Oh yeah!

This year I renovated the top of my desk… I removed all paperwork and electronics and replaced them all with things that brought me joy and peace.  What do you think?


Equipment: This is one that is overlooked.  The little things grate on us without us even knowing it.  I have a favorite pen.  If I have a lot of writing to do it is important that I have a comfortable pen, that I like the way it writes and glides across the paper, and that the point thickness is good for the way I write.  For me I love fine tip pens… medium pens make me crazy!  What kind of notebook do you like? Spiral bound, composition style, tablet?  It does make a difference.  How about your computer…  Is it slow? Is the keypad comfortable?  Can you read the letters on the keys?  Is your chair comfortable? One of my client’s was working hard to finish a book she was writing and was not motivated to write at all.  In one of our sessions I said, “Tell me about the pen you are using.”  She promptly told me she hated it and the notebook she was using.  I encouraged her to change it. Well what do you know… al of a sudden she began writing again! It is not always that simple, but it is a good place to start if you are not getting the results you want!

Here is an example of the pen I chose for my promotional materials… I love the color, the grip and the way it writes!


Emotions: How we feel definitely affects our level of productivity.  This is both what is going on in our lives as well as our behavior patterns.  Extroverts don’t do well working in isolation.  If you get your energy by being around other people try working an afternoon at the local coffee shop or find a shared workspace.  Sitting alone in your office hours on end will be draining. If you can’t go someplace where people are… put something on in the background or invite you child to read in the room with you while you work. 


Another part we overlook as entrepreneurs is to take breaks.  Set a timer and take a 10 minute break every so often.  Walk outside, get a cup of your favorite drink (mine is a Chia Latte from the Proximity Café here in Pottstown!), journal, listen to a favorite inspirational song, do some yoga or meditate.  Remember to recharge when you can so you have the energy and focus you need!


So there you have it.  3 things you can take a look at and adjust to see if it helps your productivity level!  If you need more ideas contact us!  We can help!     

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