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Mindy Lee M. Lipsky

Certified Business Coach
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Mastermind 2 Day Business Retreat


Mastermind Retreat Schedule:   

October 6th & 7th (2017)

December 1st & 2nd (2017)

April 6th & 7th (2018)

Innovative Coaching Services offers a 2 day intensive Mastermind Business Retreat a few times per year.  This Mastermind group offers a combination of brainstorming, tips, goal planning, problem solving, accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. This mastermind group will help you achieve success through the strong bond created in our time together as well as the deep work we do over the full day together working on our businesses.


The group requires a 2 day time commitment, confidentiality, willingness to both give and receive advice and ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion. This is not a class or course where you will be lectured to.  This is not a group coaching program… Coach Mindy will be facilitating and providing guidance, but will ultimately be a member of the mastermind group where EVERYONE’s feedback, advice and support are necessary.  This is not about networking, however you will make lasting connections and inevitably grow your referral network in the process.


Upcoming Dates:

Working with the NEW venue for Dates

Masterminds usually run from 9 AM to 6 PM on 2 consecutive days


Here is an example of the Mastermind Agreement:

2 Day Intensive Mastermind Agreement

Please read this Agreement carefully, as it includes important rights that you have, and also your obligations as a Mastermind Participant.  By signing where indicated below, you agree to the following:

Purpose and Scope:

You have decided to participate in the Innovative Coaching Services 2 Day Intensive Mastermind Retreat on __________________.  You understand the purpose of the Mastermind program is to assist you in developing a strategic plan to help you move forward toward your goals in your business. While the Coach Mindy will act as your mentor and facilitator of the group, the other group participants will also have input with a different perspective and approach to help you create a dynamic action plan for your business.  You understand that all research, preparations, labor and all business decisions shall be made by you independently.  In order for you to reap the full benefits of this program, it is important for you to arrive ready to be open and present, and then implement your plan following the event to see results.

Group Agreements:

  1. I agree to participate in the 2 day mastermind intensive on ____________________________.
  2. I agree to attend the full meeting, unless there is an emergency and I absolutely cannot. I will notify Coach Mindy of Innovative Coaching Services if I will not be able to attend. *see refund policy
  3. I agree to give each member of the group the right to hold me accountable and to lovingly challenge me when I am not living up to my intentions or being open to a new idea. I also will lovingly challenge and uphold other group members to their intentions.
  4. I will do my best to support group members during their time in the “Hot Seat”. If I can help them with their intention, I will step forward and offer my support. I will keep in mind that support is not advice giving or rescuing a group member. It is offering suggestions or resources so the group member can be successful.
  5. During the event, I agree to be attentive to the group. I will not multi-task during other’s turn in the “Hot Seat”, but be focused on what each member is saying.
  6. I will under no circumstances share what is said in the meetings outside of the group. Furthermore, I will not “gossip” or discuss another member with anyone else. (See also Confidentiality section.)
  7. I will keep my comments and suggestions positive and supportive.
  8. I understand that I am the only one who can determine my success. I will listen to the suggestions and ideas of the group members, and then will make my own judgment calls on how to best move within my business. I do not hold anyone else accountable for the choices I make in my business, even if they are based on a suggestion by another group member, because I acknowledge each action is *my* choice.
  9. I understand that by signing this agreement, I am agreeing to the full terms contained within this agreement. If I break any of these agreements, I am giving Innovative Coaching Services/Mindy Lee M Lipsky, CTACC permission to handle my current participation and future enrollment as they determine, I understand that I will not be entitled to any refunds in either of these instances.


You understand you will receive confidential and proprietary information shared by Mindy Lee M Lipsky, CTACC during the intensive and within the Mastermind Group that may not be shared with anyone. You shall hold all information disclosed through the program in strict confidence and shall not disclose any such information to any third party except for your immediate family and/or business partner. You may use the information ONLY for your personal benefit and the benefit of your business. You shall take all reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality and avoid the unauthorized use, disclosure, publication, or dissemination of the information. No copies, reproductions or other images of the information may be made unless approved in writing by Innovative Coaching Services/Mindy Lee M Lipsky, CTACC.  

What is included:

The event will go from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM each day

Arrival is 8:30 AM with a 9:00 AM sharp start time

A light breakfast will be served

Lunch will be provided by Innovative Coaching Services during our break from 12 to 1 PM

Please let us know of any allergies or food intolerance by _________________________

We will do our best to finish on time at 6 PM but cannot be held responsible if we go over time.

Dinner will not be provided. Snacks will be available but feel free to bring what you might need food-wise.

Coach Mindy will provide handouts, writing utensils and paper.

Please bring anything you feel will help the group during your time in the Hot Seat.

Please get a good night sleep and come with an idea of what you would like to work on!


Refunds/Cancellation/Late Payments:

Fees 2 Day Intensive Group Mastermind:$497 $350 

  • $497 $350  paid either by check (payment vouchers are available by request) or via PayPal.
  • ICS accepts Check, Visa, Discover, American Express or MasterCard payments. Credit Card payments will process via PayPal. If you choose credit card, you will receive an email invoice make your 1 time payment via PayPal unless otherwise agreed upon.  If paying by Check I will email or mail you vouchers for the payment for the program.
  • Payment MUST be received 1 week prior to the Mastermind (unless otherwise agreed upon) or a late fee of $25 will be assessed.
  • You will receive a receipt by email at the time of the charge via PayPal. Print and keep these for your records. My fees may be tax deductible as a business expense. Please check with your CPA. If you pay by check, you will not automatically receive a receipt.
  • Please budget for this investment.

Late Fees: A late fee of $25 will be automatically assessed for late payments.

Returned Check Fee: A fee of $35 will be assessed for checks returned due to insufficient funds. Please make certain funds are available.

Cancel Terms: Due to the nature of the mastermind once you make your payment you are expected to attend for the day. You may cancel and request a refund up to 7 days prior to the event (deadline is ___________) with notice in writing.  Requests received _______________ or later will be asked to apply your fee to another Innovative Coaching Services Program.

All agreed upon payments are non-refundable. No refunds will be made for services already paid for and service fees will not be prorated. 

Client Data & 2 Day Intensive Mastermind Group Program Terms of Agreement

Please complete this agreement, review the terms, sign, scan & email to mindy@innovativecoachingservices.com Thank you!


Client Name:    ________________________________________________________       

Address:          __________________________________________________________



Day Phone ___________________   Evening Phone_________________________

Email          _____________________________

Spouse/Partner’s Name _____________________________

Birthday __________________          Occupation/Employer __________________________

 Mastermind Intensive Terms:

Fees – 2 Day Intensive Group Mastermind: $497 $350 

Payment Preference (Circle one)

Check (payment vouchers are available by request)

PayPal payment


  • I have read this agreement in full and by signing where indicated below, I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to all of the terms contained within this Mastermind Agreement between myself and Innovative Coaching Services, (including Mindy Lee M. Lipsky, CTACC). .
  • I understand that Mindy Lee M. Lipsky is a certified professional coach, not a licensed therapist and that I am responsible for all my decisions, actions and feelings.



Client Signature _______________________________    Date _____________




Note:  Our Masterminds are usually offered by invitation, however Click here if you want to be considered for our next Mastermind program!



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