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Mindy Lee M. Lipsky

Certified Business Coach
Certified DISC Practitioner




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Productive by Personality Course Application


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If you could wave a magic wand and change 3 things in your business or life over the next 6 months, what would they be?*

What have been your 3 biggest accomplishments in the last 5 years?*

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Participant Agreements

I wholeheartedly enroll myself in this Group Coaching program. It is my understanding that I am participating in Productive by Personality because I am truly ready to take my business and myself to the next level and not look back!

I understand through the duration of this group coaching program, I will be given leadership, encouragement, accountability, and guidance in creating efficient business systems, uncovering my own unique behavior style, how to read behavioral styles in my clients and team members and more… I also understand that Innovative Coaching Services and/or Mindy Lipsky are not guaranteeing any specific results, performance or outcome as a result of my time in this course.

I will complete each weekly assignment so that my time spent in this program will make a positive impact on my business and life. I understand that my activity and completing the assignments and challenges will improve my chances for significant growth

I agree to comply with the phone and email boundaries with my coach.

I understand that if I am unable to schedule or keep a scheduled appointment with my coach in the time slot allotted, I forgo the opportunity: My coach is not obligated to reschedule. No portion of my enrollment fee will be refunded or prorated if I choose not to or am unable to take advantage of this portion of the program.

I will embrace new thoughts throughout the duration of the program. I understand that I’ll be letting go of old thoughts, old systems, and will be asked to step out of my comfort zone. Bring it!

I agree that if I discuss the coursework, content, homework, and specifics of Productive by Personality with others, I will do so with heightened discretion because I am committed to respecting my classmates’ privacy. Furthermore, I will use prudence when discussing any topic covered as to not share intellectual property of Innovative Coaching Services or share information out of context, thereby causing Innovative coaching Services and/or Mindy Lipsky harm or defamation of character.

I am free to share with my colleagues, co-workers, team manager/up lines/director or peers that I am taking part in Productive by Personality and focusing on implementing new systems in my business. I will explain that I am uncovering what has been holding me back emotionally, mentally and financially. I will ask for their emotional support and understanding during this time.

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