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Mindy Lee M. Lipsky

Certified Business Coach
Certified DISC Practitioner




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Our specialty is with Classic DISC 2.0 & Everything DISC Workplace, however we do offer a variety of other assessment availability!

Ask about other assessment:

Everything DISC

Everything DISC Management Profile 
Everything DISC Sales Profile 
Everything DISC Work of Leaders 
Everything DISC Work of Leaders Group Report 
Everything DISC Work of Leaders Facilitator Report 
Everything DISC 363 for Leaders 
Everything DISC 363 for Leaders Facilitator Report 
Everything DISC 8 Dimensions of Leadership Book Map 
Everything DISC Group Culture Report 
Everything DISC Facilitator Report 
Everything DISC Comparison Report 
Everything DISC Team View 

DISC Classic

DISC Classic 2.0 
DISC Classic 2 Plus 
DISC Classic Group Culture Report 
DiSC Classic Facilitator Report 
DISC Classic Team View
DISC PPSS – General Characteristics
      Approach to Managing Others 
      Approach to Selling 
      Relating to People and the Environment 
      Strategies for Creating a Positive Relationship
      Strategies for Managing 
      Strategies for Sales Management 

Personal Listening
Personal Listening Profile 
Personal Listening Profile – Facilitator Report 

Time Mastery
Time Mastery Profile 
Time Mastery Profile – Facilitator Report

Coach Mindy also offers a SPECIAL – DISC in Sales workshop with a special assessment for that class

See ALL our DISC Training and Workshops Here with more details