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Mindy Lee M. Lipsky

Certified Business Coach
Certified DISC Practitioner




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 100% of people surveyed would recommend Coach Mindy to a friend or colleague at a likelihood rate of

10 out of 10!

You should probably charge more! ~Jen G

I can say with 100% surety, without a shadow of a doubt that Coach Mindy is the real thing. I have achieved SO much while having Mindy as my coach, and that is not a coincidence. Honesty, brainstorming, focus, priorities…just a few of the things she has helped me to work on in the 3+ years as my coach. Milestones for me? Not only reaching but surpassing goals, winning awards, being hired, and many small personal accomplishments. Definitely the real deal.

~ Jennifer S. Online publisher and campaign manager

Coach Mindy helped me focus myself and my direction. She was worth every penny. She helped me be accountable, set goals, and achieve them. She let me bounce ideas off her and highlighted weaknesses. Even though I switched businesses, I still use all the techniques she taught me. Remember, A coach isn’t a get out of work free card. A coach is A.P. Bio with a Chemistry add on. I highly recommend her if you want to reach the next level.

~Tracy C.

Thanks for speaking with compassion and authority about the work coaches do with clients. You are a true gift to the profession. ~Lea A – fellow Certified Coach

Coaching with the right person when you put in the work can be so powerful! I’ve experienced it before and it brought me so far. I like your differentiation between coaching and training programs! Couldn’t have explained it better. It should be a highly personal experience, not a program you are following that is one size fits all. I am GRATEFUL for what you do and that you are a REAL coach!

~Caitlin M. Graphic & Website Designer | Woman Entrepreneur | Educator | Mother

I am a PCC coach and I benefited greatly from Coach Mindy’s marketing coaching. Choose wisely a coach who is trained, certified & credentialed like Mindy and me (past president International Coach Federation: Philadelphia.)

~ Marjorie J Therapist, Executive & Career Coach,  Pres. Ascend Consulting 

I recently completed a 6 Month 1-on-1 Private Coaching Program with Coach Mindy Lipsky of Innovative Coaching Services. I decided to give coaching a try because I had just opened a new business and at the time I was struggling with acquiring new clientele as well as simply overcoming basic business obstacles. As a result of working with Coach Mindy, I found a new confidence in offering my services, knowing what I offer is of value to others and how to promote myself. Today I celebrate an increase in number of clients, and the confidence to make necessary adjustments in my plan to grow my business for optimal growth financially and personally. Because of actively participating in my coaching program, my business has completely changed… I am now implementing a structured business plan, setting goals and achieving them! I would recommend Mindy’s coaching program over others because I found it to be a tailored, individual coaching plan that is geared towards my needs and not a “cookie cutter” plan. ~ Annie Anderson, Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner of Birds of a Feather Massage & Holistic Studio. Click here for the Studio’s Website. Click Here for the Studio’s Facebook Page

I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Coach Mindy Lipsky during a recent Masterminds Brainstorming Session. I needed help because, I had just left my job and was looking for guidance and a sense of purpose. What stood out to me most about the session was…She listens. Not many people do! An additional specific result has been my confidence has boosted and she has helped me to feel like I can accomplish most anything. I would recommend coaching to a friend or colleague… the feeling of confidence and empowerment is intoxicating! Thank you, Coach Mindy, for being there when I was at my weakest and offering your support and advice. ~ Ashley Owens – owner Ashley Assists – Your Networking Concierge | Strategic Partner | Virtual Assistant

In deciding to work with Mindy, I chose the 6 month 1 on 1 VIP Coaching Program because I felt it was the best return on investment at a great deal lower out of pocket cost than other comparable coaching programs.  At the time I didn’t know what the hell I was doing or where I was going in my business. I needed clarity, direction & accountability.  After working with Coach Mindy, I am clear about the following:

1) My strengths

2) My weaknesses

3) What I really want to do professionally

4) How to do what I really want professionally

 In our time together I have successfully launched my 1st book as well as launched a national talk show tour on divorce and resilience.  I clearly understand my business strengths and weaknesses via the DiSC profile offered as part of the program. I now work to my strengths & leave the weaknesses to others.  I would highly recommend coaching, especially with Coach Mindy. If you want to master your business, you cannot do so alone. You need a coach. Coaches are in every field. The wise get a coach and succeed!

Pamela Elaine~ Author ✬ Producer ✬ Speaker |– Destined for Greatness Enterprises, Inc. Motivating Mothers to Triumph Over the Devastation and Destruction of Divorce

“I was looking for help in making decision on a new job opportunity where I was presented with multiple options in my career path and needed help in deciding which one was best. I wanted to get some thoughts from a coach that might be more objective. Mindy listened with a keen ear, and was able to provide an objective approach in deciding which direction was the best. Realizing that all options were good options, it helped in determining the best one based more on short term life goals.  I believe it was valuable to have the discussion about my career with someone that might be more able to provide unbiased view on career path. Talking with a career coach and not friends/family/colleagues provided a more direct discussion around my goals without others trying to sway my decision to their liking. Mindy was a great help! I was happy to have made the connection, and look forward to future discussions when career growth and direction continues to change!”  

~ Ben O. – Field Applications Engineer/Technical Sales

“I was in need of help trying to make my current job work and/or trying to figure out how to come up with a new job if this was no longer a viable option. After working with Coach Mindy for a 3 month private coaching program, I have a much more clear view of where I am and where I need to go. Coach Mindy helped me to step out of my comfort zone and do things that I wouldn’t normally have done, including contacting people I would not have normally contacted growing my network. I know that I can’t sit and wait, if something is going to happen I need to make it happen. As a result I have more confidence for sure. I would recommend Business Coaching as it is always good to have another perspective and to have someone offer you critique, commentary, motivation and encouragement. Mindy does all that.”  

~ Adam Marks.  – Personal Trainer at ADM Training



“I decided to begin a Private Coaching Program with Coach Mindy as I was struggling in my business and needed direction.  Not only did Mindy offer business support, she was able to help me in overcoming life stuff that blocks my progress.  I have grown so much both personally and professionally in the time we have worked together. She’s really making me think!  I definitely would recommend working with Coach Mindy… as a matter of fact I have already referred people to her who have also hired her!”  ~ Laura F.

“When the opportunity to begin a private coaching program with Coach Mindy I couldn’t turn it down! I had a lot on my plate that I needed to sort out both professionally and personally as well. My main concerns were communication in the workplace and making a schedule that worked better for me.  After working with Mindy, I feel less overwhelmed. Mindy has helped me to learn how to focus on one task at a time, and through her coaching, I have been able to feel better prepared when discussing concerns with my co-workers and managers. As a result of doing the deep work in coaching, I was also hired for a position that I felt was perfect for me. I started an almost full-time job while still working at the company that I co-own. Because of working with Mindy, I did not feel overwhelmed during this transition, because I had already made changes in the way I planned my week. I was not overwhelmed in knowing there would be more things to do and less time to do it in. I knew, from what I learned through working with Mindy, that I just have to be diligent about planning out a schedule ahead of time with the things that have to be done, then filling in the blanks with the things I want to get done. She has helped me tremendously! I would absolutely recommend coaching with Mindy! Whether it is for your business or personal life, Mindy can help!”

~ Jennifer S., Marketing Manager



 “Since working with Mindy at Innovative Coaching Services, I have been able to better focus my strategies to grow my business. She has helped me to create time management tools (because as a busy mom and business owner I needed them!), develop effective marketing tools such as targeted weekly emails and overcome insecurities in self-promotion. I would absolutely recommend Innovative Coaching Services…Mindy provides effective coaching with genuine interest and compassion!” 

~ Kristina Mumma, owner Health, Happiness & Good Food.

“Mindy is fantastic; a natural life coach!! She listens without judgement, is patient and understanding. She advises unbiasedly by asking the perfect questions and assigns appropriate tasks to put things into perspective and help you get on the right path. I would recommend Mindy to anyone who is interested in improving or enhancing some part of their personal and/or professional lives. I had a lot of concerns about making a job change and couldn’t bring myself to make a decision, but thanks to Mindy, and her oh-so thought provoking questions, I didn’t let fear hold me back and I am on an exciting career path!” ~ Jennifer Jump, Pottstown, PA

I was struggling with learning to read potential clients and how to set competitive pricing for my practice.  After working with Coach Mindy in the Productive by Personality Group Coaching program I feel much more comfortable on how I approach potential clients.  I was also able to discover ways to expand my business into areas where I hadn’t thought of before.  I now have a much more positive outlook on creating and growing my business.  My favorite part of the program was the in session exercises.  I would recommend working with Coach Mindy as she is very supportive. ~ Rebecca Moussa – Partner, Advantage Bookkeeping & Payroll

I chose to commit to a 3 Month Coaching Agreement with Coach Mindy after getting to know her at a mastermind retreat we both attended.  As a coach myself, I know how important it is to have a coach. I was grappling with sales and how I approached my sales conversations.  Through working with Coach Mindy, I received help with my sales conversation and structuring time to make calls, all while Mindy provided encouragement, fresh ideas and help with the restructuring of my coaching packages design and pricing.  As a result of  our coaching and implementing the action plans we created, I have 3 new coaching clients packages!  I am also getting requests for proposals for business retreats and other programs for executive groups!  I now feel I have the method and confidence to fill my coaching business.  I would recommend working with Coach Mindy!  I love her follow up notes after each session! 

~ Marjorie R. Johnson, LCSW, PCC | Ascend Consulting, Inc.   

Executive and Career Coaching, Corporate Training & Counseling

When offered the opportunity to begin private one-on-one coaching with Mindy, I chose a 12 month VIP Agreement.  At the time I had been struggling with decisions I needed to make in my business and wanted outside input from an unbiased source.  I knew I would benefit from a long term agreement because Mindy does a great job listening and offering valuable feedback and perspective to help me grow my business.  Mindy helped me see things from a different perspective and also focus on the areas where planning was crucial.  The biggest accomplishment during our time together so far has been the implementation of a tiered package pricing for clients to ultilize.  I would ABSOLUTELY recommend working with Mindy! She is personable and a great ear to bounce ideas off of.

Nicole A. Gaspard, CPA – Owner – Gaspard Tovar Consulting, LLC.  –  www.gaspardtovarllc.com

Recommendation from LinkedIn:

“Mindy has been instrumental in guiding me to set up systems that work for me. For the first time I have an implementable strategies that grows my business and enables me to meet both short and long term goals with the ease I desired. Mindy’s supportive guidance helps you move past the road blocks that can keep you from reaching your dreams. ” 

~Emi Kirschner, CHHC AADP – Creator of Exceptional Wellness for Entrepreneurs and Executives, their Families and their Business


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