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Mindy Lee M. Lipsky

Certified Business Coach
Certified DISC Practitioner




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Success Happens OUTSIDE of Your Comfort Zone…

Open the Door to Empower Your Future! 

You know how you are meeting with tons of people but not getting them to the buying stage?  You get stuck in the middle of the sales conversation not knowing what to say next.  You may be thinking you just can’t make this work, considering giving up on your dream, needing to go back to work for someone else.  Imagine instead not worrying about when or where your next paying client is coming.  Imagine feeling like the words just come to you naturally, saying the exact thing to help them decide, closing clients left and right.  Imagine waking up every day eager to get to work, feeling confident and loving what you do! 

What would that mean for you?

What would it mean to close all the clients you ever wanted? What would it mean to know exactly what to say to each and every prospect and how to say it? What would it mean to know that you can confidently share your skills with anyone?  Assess and understand your own communication style so that you can confidently present your value proposition.  Identify the communication style of others so that your prospect feels completely understood.  Easily shift the conversation in any situation so that you are positioned as the expert and clients want to be in your space.

For over 20 years, Mindy Lipsky, owner of Innovative Coaching Services, has been passionate about mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs and business owners to success! Imagine going to every sales conversation with the tools to read the natural behavior patterns and communication cues to close clients left and right!  Coach Mindy utilizes 4 basic behavioral patterns that are easy to identify with tips on how to communicate with each style for improved relationship building and improved sales. By working with Coach Mindy, you will feel more confident in your sales conversation and relationship building skills!

Through understanding these behavioral patterns and implementing changes, Mindy’s clients not only close more clients, but also gain more clarity with income producing activities, make quantum leaps in sales and business growth through accountability and customized plans, increased confidence, personal growth, efficient use of time and clear direction on goals both personally and professionally. Certified by the Coach Training Alliance in Life Coaching, Business Coaching and as a certified DISC Practitioner, Mindy draws on her background in psychology and her experience growing her own successful business for a dynamic and unique approach that leads to success. She has trained extensively with some of the most accomplished and renowned business coaches and leaders in the industry, and continues to educate herself to be the best success & productivity coach possible.



New and IMPROVED “Productive By Personality”  

Coach Mindy’s Signature 90 Day Group Coaching Program has gotten a makeover and is now BETTER than EVER!

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By Popular Demand… Coming back in 2017!

Coach Mindy’s Signature 6 month Group Coaching Program

“Productivity Powerhouse Posse”

 Productivity Powerhouse Posse

CLICK HERE for information about our upcoming “Productivity Powerhouse Posse” Group Coaching program Re-launching in 2017!  Join Today!

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Are you an entrepreneur, a mompreneur, a small business owner or in Direct Sales? Click here to find out how Coaching can help you design a sustainable, successful business with systems based on your behavior style, that help you create and ENJOY the life you desire! With a variety of Coaching options such as Private 1-on-1 Coaching, Elite VIP Private 1-on-1 Coaching, Half and Full Intensive VIP Days, and Private & Public Group Coaching, together we can find a coaching method that is a good fit for you!
Mindy offers Live Workshops, Public & Private Webinars, Teleconferences, Speaking Engagements, and even networking opportunities… we believe school is never out for the Pro! Innovative Coaching Services has a lot to offer!  Click here to find out the many training and education options Innovative Coaching services has to offer!
Find out why what you’re doing might not be working!  Uncover your blind spots, your hidden strengths and where you could spruce up your communication?  Learn to build systems based on your behavioral style!  We offer individual DISC Assessments as well as Group Training! Click here to find out more!